Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a Note from the Closet

You may have noticed ( or not) that my last 2 postings contain projects that use other papers and products other than Stampin' Up!.  I must say that I have gone over to the dark side lately ( not really just returning to my roots) . After careful consideration, I have decided to go back to making projects from a variety of sources. 

I have been a SU demonstrator for a year and a half but I have been a consistent Paper Crafter for over 12 years. My first project was actually over 17 years ago. I made embossed invitations for my sister's baby shower. There were no heat guns at that time and I had to heat the embossing powder by placing the card on top of my toaster oven:) I think I am giving away my age here.

 I love SU products and believe in the the quality of the products and designs. I have been using SU products for the majority of my paper crafting years because of my love for the high quality products. I will continue to use Stampin' Up! products in conjunction with others as I have for 12-13 years.  I believe most of the crafting world uses a variety of products from various companies and after some consideration, have decided to go back to this method. I will also continue to post SU only projects in addition to projects created with multiple product lines. I do not believe this will conflict with my Stampin' Up! IDA.

I hope my subscribers will continue to check out my work and find a little somthin' to take away from my projects regardless of the products they are made with. I love paper crafting and stamping and want to continue to share that with others. 

Happy Stamping!



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing other projects besides paper crafting....

  2. I'll follow you no matter what products you are using. I love your style and that comes from you not the product! :-)

  3. I hope that you continue your work the way you like, I just hope that you don't have to choose between S U and doing what you love. I will follow no matter the outcome (as another demo was just asked to remove content or resign).

  4. I am happy to see other mediums used. I love SU but certainly don't just have their product. I would continue to follow no matter what. I like that you followed your passion and not always the product which I am sure is not what "others" want or think. Thanks for your time and talent. I always look forward to see what you post next.