Monday, November 14, 2011

UStampwithDawnandFriends - My Advent Calendar

My project for UStampwithDawnandFriends Knock Out Punches (featuring Stampin' Up! Punches)  has posted so I can now share it with you. I actually started designing this quite awhile ago and have since donated it to our church's preschool auction.  What was so surprising was that I was almost completely done with my Advent Calendar when I opened last month's Stampin Success, and I saw their Advent Calendar USING CLOTHES PINS just like mine! I panicked a bit, thinking those that subscribe to USWDAF would think I was just copying something from SU and not creating anything unique.  After a few deep breaths, I then realized, mine was quite a bit different and it would all work out.

An option that can make this calendar a bit fun, is to print out activity cards to place behind each day. Unfortunately, I did not capture these on film, but included them with the calendar. I have searched the internet for ideas, but also came up with a few of my own and they are listed below. You can place the ones that take the most time behind the weekend days.

If you would like detailed instructions for this calendar and MANY other fantastic projects, click the Knock Out Punches blinkie to the right and join today.

Family Advent Calendar Activities.

1. Find a jar and DECORATE IT! – make it fantastic. Put all your loose change in the jar for 3 weeks. Use the money collected at the end of 3 weeks to buy items or donate to your favorite charity.
2. Wrap a small gift and leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep. Ring the bell and RUN!
3. Call grandma, grandpa or other relative and tell them how much you love them
4. With your family, share your favorite memory that happened this year.
5. Go to the library or internet and research how other countries celebrate Christmas – try one of the traditions this year
6. Read the True Story of Christmas
7. Sing your favorite Christmas carol and tell others why it is your favorite.
8. Compliment 3 people today
9. Light candles and have dinner by candlelight
10. Make a Christmas ornament with things you have at home
11. Share with your family your favorite thing about each person
12. Start a Christmas memory book with favorites, Christmas lists, pictures etc.
13. Gather food items for your local food pantry or Ronald McDonald House
14. Enjoy an evening together with no television or computers and read multiple Christmas stories
15. Make popcorn and watch your favorite Christmas movie
16. Write a letter to Santa and include lots of colored drawings
17. Have a family game night
18. Bake some cookies and take them to your local fire station
19. Drink a mug of hot cocoa around the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music
20. Ask older relative or neighbors how they used to celebrate Christmas
21. Name your Christmas tree
22. Walk around your neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights
23. Share your favorite Christmas memory
24. Listen to Christmas carols and have hot cocoa and cookies


  1. This is just too fun, Tara! I like this better than any other advent calendar I've seen lately! Love how you utilized all the punches! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a neat project, Tara! I love the activities that you have included! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. This is amazing and the best Advent Calendar I have seen!! I will be featuring this project on My Crafty Picks #44 with a link back to your blog on 11-27-11. Make sure to stop by to check out all the picks and to pick up your blog badge to display on your blog for being featured!!

    If you wish to decline please email me by responding to this comment to let me know.

    Thanks and take care
    Tiffany Bauer

  4. Love, love, love the idea of using clothes pins. I just had my Advent Calendar class last weekend, but I will definitely try this for next year. Just adorable Tara!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post Tara! The family advent calender is something I think I will do this year for the holidays. My husband and have been looking into purchasing Game Wheels for our monthly family game night. It would be so much fun to have a day to test it out as a family. Happy Holidays!