Monday, April 29, 2013

A Thorough Purge - Spring Cleaning the Crafting Closet

Ahhh, and here is a nice glass of wine to celebrate a ruthless purge  and sparkling condition of my crafting closet. I haven't been stamping much but have started Spring Cleaning the house. Not only is it time to spring cleaning time, but the new Stampin' Up! catalog is soon to be released and it's time to make way for some lovely new products.

So, here you can see how ruthless I really am. I may regret getting rid of some of these sets, but I know I have My Digital Studio as a backup for most of them. It does feel very good to open up some space and DUST EVERYTHING OFF. I believe this is about 42 sets, 6 wheels and not shown is a stack of paper and accessories about 12" high.

AND OOh, Aahhhh an empty shelf!

Now, I will have to make sure I don't fill this shelf up too fast. Some space will be taken up by my wood sets that I will transfer to the new wood storage boxes when they are available May 31st. I am very excited for the new storage boxes!

I am offering my customers first dibs at my stamp sets and then will donate the rest to Goodwill. What do you do with your purged crafting supplies?


  1. Oh brave, brave girl. 0 = the number of stamps sets that I have ever gotten rid of. I am a BIG chicken! What if I need that stamp set that I've never used????? lol! I love your crafting closet. It is perfectly cozy. Can't wait to see what you add to your collection.

  2. Purge? Purge? What's that? I tried once to give some away, had them packed and ready. Two months later I reopened and restacked onto shelf. May really have to do a purge!