Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Closet and Organizers

One of the blogs that I love to visit is Snappy Stampin with Arielle. Well, her latest post really made me laugh as she showed her stamping/blog area. It reminded me of when my kids were little and all the toys, baby gates and all their paraphernalia. She asked other bloggers to post their stamping spaces, so I wanted to share mine again.

My space is actually a closet that I converted to a stamping space. I am very envious of those who have large crafting rooms to utilize. We have every room in our house taken, so my craft space is rather small but I love it.  I come in and close the door, put on a little music and stamp away. My dear friend Ellen Berman designed the shelving system for me and it works beautifully. All the shelves and baskets help keep me organized. During a project I am always messy, but once I am done, it is very easy and quick to clean up since I have a designated spot for everything.

I also love looking above my work space at the pictures of my family. It always puts a smile on my face. I just love my little stampin' closet.

While others such as Ricky Martin are coming out of the closet - I go into mine:)

Above my work space I have created a wall of family photos and the Stampin' Up! Definitely Decorative wall decor "Life Milestones"

My little "helper" Boo - who is always making her presence known

I keep my ink pads in the Stampin' Up! color caddy and all the tools I use daily in containers on a tray. They are always on hand and I don't need to "put them away".

I keep my ribbons in the Stampin' Up! ribbon organizers and all my small embellishments in clear kitchen drawer organizers I purchased at a large discount store that starts with a "T".

I  organize my paper in rainbow order in upright organizers that I purchased again from the large discount store that starts with a "T". I put smaller scraps on top and larger pieces back in the slot. 

My Big Shot dies and folders are kept in a dish rack - again from that big store that starts with a "T" all other items such as texture plates etc. are kept in the linen bins.

One of my favorite things in my closet are my metal basket drawers. I keep both my punches and my stamp sets in these drawers.

So that is my little closet and  how I organize the items I use the most. I joke with my daughter Megan that as soon as she goes to college, I am taking over her room and converting it to my craft room. If she wants to visit home again, her brother has a nice trundle bed ( he he he).


  1. Wow, it's so CLEAN.....I just cannot keep my area clean like that! Maybe it's the carpet, it just attracts stuff! Very nice, BTW!

  2. Can't believe I missed seeing this - it is wonderful! You are so neat! Mine gets so messy and I don't even do that much. I did take over my daughter's room - she left for college in 1996 and it took me a whole 10 years before I decided to convert it to a craft room :-) Don't wait as long as I did!

  3. Just found your blog from the PPA42 challenge and I love your style! And I have to tell you that our kittens are named Punkin' and Boo, so we have a kitty name in common! Mine love to stamp too! :-)