Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree

Megan and Jake Decorating the Christmas Tree

The Supervisors - Dempsey and Barney

It is always a special night when the Christmas Tree goes up in our house. We don't have a beautifully color coordinated tree that you see in decor magazines with matching balls, ribbons and embellishments but we LOVE decorating our tree with our special ornaments. We collect our ornaments when we travel and it is so fun to pull each one out of the box and remember our family trips. Many times we cannot find a traditional "ornament" on a trip so we alter an item that we find and hang it on the tree.  We also have special ornaments given to us by family members and friends. These all are very dear to us and we think of each person as we hang the ornament on our tree. Our Christmas tree may not be the type to grace the cover of magazines, but to us it is absolutely perfect.

Ornament from St. John

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