Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Old Guy

Our old guy, Dempsey, has lost his right eye due to a degenerative eye condition. He has slowly been going blind and has recently lost all sight. On Friday his right eye ulcerated and we had to have it removed. He is recovering at home and is rather pitiful. This is a picture from the vet but at home he is wearing the cone of shame - poor little guy. We are hoping he adapts quickly without site but know he has a rough road ahead.


  1. Poor little sweetie......I hope he adjusts...he is so cute!

  2. Oh, the poor little guy. I'm a vet tech and worked for 4 years at an animal hospital. It looks bad but pets do amazingly well at adjusting after surgery like this. He looks a sweetie. Please keep us updated.

  3. Yes, please keep us updated. I have two Bostons and they are very dear to my heart. I'm sure he will adjust, but it may take a little time. Be sure and give him a hug from me. Just wish I could give him a hug myself. I will put him in my prayers.

  4. Poor Dempsey. My dog Dobby had to have the same operation on his left eye. It wont be long til he is back to his old tricks if Dobby is anything to go by!
    Have faith.