Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So while I was away.....

While I was focusing on the 8th grade project many things around the house were neglected so I have been  doing a bit of delayed spring cleaning. My main concern was my kitchen "command center".  This is the typical center from which everything important in the household is controlled . I do not have a calendar posted with all sorts of activities on it since everything is controlled via iCal and iPhone and Weplay (which is a must for team moms and any sports family- I will have to do a separate post on that later) programs on our individual phones and computers ( I love Apple!).  My go to drawer and cabinet were just getting too out of control and over run so I worked on that and other kitchen cabinets over the past few days and I feel much more mentally stable:).

So here is what I have been doing

Command Center Cabinet Before

Command Center Cabinet After

Total Command Center

Pens and Pencils OUTSIDE of the junk drawer

One of the first cabinets that I organized was my spice cabinet. I went through my various bottles and transferred the spices into same size bottles and labeled them, throwing away expired spices. I was amazed at how many bottles were expired - cha-ching!$$ I have always arranged them alphabetically but this is the first time I have transferred them into same-sized bottles and I love it; however, I need to restock all those out of date spices like Oregano.

A Very Empty Spice Cabinet

Labeled Spice Jars

I still have a few more cabinets and then it will be on to the next room.

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