Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where I Have Been Focusing My Time - 8th Grade dance

The past month I haven't been stamping as much as I would like to due to being on the 8th grade dance committee. Graduation from my daughter's catholic school is a big deal and the dance is a huge hi-light of the festivities. The gym is divided into sections to decorate and transformed by the parents for the week of the dance and festivities of graduation.  A theme is chosen and kept secret until the night of the dance ( this year it was Disney). I was the coordinator of the gym entrance or facade and have been working with my trusty crew of 4 to do our section. Our only draw back compared to the other sections is that we have to erect our section in one day. We had a plan but didn't know if the measurements, theory of support, etc. would work until that day. Thank goodness for duck tape!

So here is the before and after of the gym and our project



The best thing of the evening was bringing Megan home and hearing all about the wonderful evening she had with her friends. ( You can tell she is my first right?) Here she is dancing the first dance with her dad ( they are both gorgeous yeah? Yes, she is almost as tall as he is) The first dance  of the evening is for mothers and sons and fathers and daughters then they kick the parents out.

Megan and Marc

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  1. Wow Tara - can't believe how you transformed the front of that building! Fantastic! Your daughter is beautiful - what a wonderful picture of her dancing with Dad!