Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Even though I have not lived in a cooler climate for 13 years, I still find myself "nesting" before the winter. It is usually a fall version of spring cleaning and I can't help but prepare for winter even though it doesn't come in Southern California. In my blogging travels looking for home making blogs, I have come across 2 great ones. Clean Mama and A Bowl Full of Lemons. Both have challenges which began earlier, but I am jumping in and doing both.

Clean Mama is featuring 31 Days To  Clean House giving a list of jobs to cover each day that should take no longer that 15 minutes. I am starting today and will begin from the beginning. Let me know if you decide to follow too. Her blog is great for cleaning tips and she has very cute printables to help you along.

A Bowl full of Lemons is featuring a 14 Week Program to a Perfectly Organized Home. I will begin with her current assignment and go back to the beginning when the challenge is finished and cover the missed projects. Even though it seems like I am always getting rid of outgrown/outdated items, it is time once again to purge and organize. I think this time I will be absolutely brutal. There are way too many clothes in my closet that I never wear. I think I am actually looking forward to some "bar space" in there. Again, let me know if you would like to follow the organizing plan. It would be fun to share results.

Off to nest.......

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