Monday, November 5, 2012

Clean Mama - Stopping the Paper Trail

Today's post on Clean Mama is regarding busting the paper clutter. I am submitting a pic of my cabinet above my "Command Center" in the kitchen. I think the most important thing I do that cuts down on paper is going digital. I opt for paperless billing and auto payments whenever available.

I admit it I am a binder junkie. I keep almost everything in binders. The binders on the top shelf contain household information such as appliances, general home information our last big remodel, our condo information etc. My craft room also contains multiple binders. I love creating binders and organizing them.

In the middle I have a bill box that the few paper bills that we do receive go into. In this box I also have a return address stamp and ink pad. I sort my mail outside next to the recycle bin and only magazines, bills and letters come into the house - NO JUNK!.

The bottom shelf contains two education binders  -one for Megan and one for Jake that organizes all their important school information. I also have small folders for take out menus and directories to our neighborhood and schools. The small verticle filer is for envelopes, invitations and large department store coupons. The phone instruction manual is also in this section.

So what do you do to contain your paper clutter?

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