Monday, November 5, 2012

My Week 2 of 14 Weeks to a Perfectly Organized Home - The Garage

I have started my second week on the 14 Week Program to a perfectly Organized Home. Here are some pictures of the garage process. I just had to smile this morning as I went to get in my car and the garage was so clean! We need to park our cars in the garage so there is always room for the 2 cars, but junk seems to accumulate around the perimeter. 
A Clean Garage

I unloaded everything to the sidewalk - My neighbors had to laugh at all out junk out on the street. I swept the walls of all the cobwebs, swept the floors and washed the doors.
A few trips to Goodwill and a full garbage can and I was done. Now off to the next project The Master Bedroom - I am getting weak in knees about the home office so I will conquer that after the bedroom.

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