Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Venture into My Digital Studio

Ever since I attended my first Stampin' Up! workshop 12 years ago, I have always hand made and stamped my Christmas cards. Our list has grown to over 85 recipients and I would make multiple versions so I wouldn't get bored with the same design .  I am diving into new waters this year and producing the cards with My Digital Studio. I am a little sad to let go of the hand crafting but I am also a little excited for the new cards.

Due to our travel schedule and commitments early this month, it would be nearly impossible to complete the cards before Christmas. I created the holiday card above and ordered it tonight. WOW! One evening to complete the cards instead of a week -  what a time saver!  I am very anxious to see the final product and may add a few jewels before I send them off. 

I am really taking a liking to My Digital Studio. MMM I may already have another project in mind:)

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