Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Continuing with Organization - The Kitchen

A Bowl Full of Lemons and Clean Mama  (my 2 fav organizing and cleaning blogs) are pairing with other organizing bloggers to revisit key areas of your home to organize in the New Year's Organizing Revolution. I am taking this time to fulfill my New Years resolutions and get my home organized.

 This week we are revisiting the kitchen. Here are my attempts to get my kitchen organized. I am learning to transfer all my items into glass containers. I find this not only looks good, but I can see how much of an item I have. When I was cleaning out my cabinets, I found multiple bags of sugar and other things that I bought because I could not see that I already had plenty on hand. 

I am starting with my baking goods cabinets and breakfast area. 

No we really don't drink - THAT much so I need to offload some of these glasses.

I put all my flours and sugars in these containers that I purchased at Target. I then printed the labels using My Digital Studio.

Here is the breakfast area with all the items for toast, smoothies, Megan's Krueg and her travel cups

This drawer under the breakfast station contains items for the kids lunches and Megan's coffee pods.

Here is my new Command Center using Martha Stewart products. It has my cleaning binder, my calendar, a box for receipts, calculator, post it notes, notepad and my green banking binder. To the right is a weekly menu printable in a frame that you can see in this post

Here is my cleaning binder which I love, love love. I purchased Clean Mama printables from her Etsy site. They are in tabs that I use for monthly and seasonal cleaning. I then customized my own weekly cleaning schedule printables and use them each week to keep myself on a regular cleaning schedule. It helps immensely with 2 kids, 2 dogs a cat and my biggest kid, my husband:)

I use my iCal for the whole family but I also found I needed a calendar for just my daily detailed to-do list. I purchased this great Martha Stewart planner which is customizable. It is the perfect size for me and doesn't take up too much counter space. 

AND last but not least, was the daunting task of organizing my recipe books. AHHHHH! I had so many gooey books that I used and found hard to part with. I cleaned them all out and organized them into one Martha Stewart binder with dividers for each food category ( Meat, Chicken, Apps, Salad, Bread, etc). I also kept my mom's hand written recipe cards and placed them 2 per page.   Now I actually have extra space in my cookbook cabinet.

Each page is put in a page protector to keep the recipes from getting gooey.

Leave me a comment if you are on the organizing band wagon and partaking in the Organizing Revolution. I would love to see your organizing style and progress as well.

Happy Organizing!


  1. Great organization ideas! Thanks for visiting my blog! The key to the cake.....small portion! ;)

  2. Very nice! glass jars really are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us