Friday, October 22, 2010

My Poor Boo

I came home from a school meeting to find my little Boo writhing in pain in our hallway. Upon taking her to the animal hospital, we learned she broke her hip. Although, shocked we were not totally surprised since she is not the most graceful of felines. We have dubbed her the "black elephant" due to her heavy footed ways. When running on the hardwood floors she really does sound more like an elephant than a cat.

Boo had to have surgery yesterday and some of her hip bone removed. She came home this morning with a cone and a bare tushy and is resting in her favorite spot on our bed.  We are glad to have our little girl back. She is always around to help with card making, homework, any computer work and as always to pounce on our dog Barney.

Here she is at work.

Helping Me Cut Paper

Helping Megan with Homework


  1. Oh poor little, boo! I hope she is feeling better soon.

  2. Oh no! Poor Boo has quite the boo boo! I hope your precious girl is feeling better soon! I LOVE kitties! We have a pair that rule our home! And when they go chasing after one another it sounds just like thunder! I've been known to call them a parade of elephants too! :)

  3. Ahh... Poor thing. My little Angie is not as graceful as she could be either. One day she was laying in the windowsill of my craft room. She started stretching like cats do and she fell off the sill and into a waste basket tipping it over. Scared her and she ran away. I was laughing so hard and tears were running like crazy. Both my cats like to "help" me in my craft room.

  4. Poor Boo! She is very lucky to have such a good mommy! I love my two babies, can't handle when they are sick or hurting. Here's hoping for a really quick recovery.

  5. Oh, bless her precious self. I hope she feels better really soon so she can get back to helping you craft.